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Gerald R. Ford Job Corps

Certified Nursing Assistant program located in Grand Rapids/Kent County

Gerald R. Ford Job Corps

- (616) 243-6877

Admission Requirements:
- 16 to 24 years old
- In need of job skills
- Must be income eligible
o Receives public assistance, earns poverty-level income, is homeless, a foster-child or qualifies for reduced-price or free lunch
- Must have suitable childcare arrangements for dependents during enrollment
- No court dates or fines
- No behavior issues
- No drug use
- Comply with state requirements that may require background check and completion of training program meeting federal content requirements
- Complete all required activity in Career Prep Period
o Career exploration
o Career success/workplace skills
- Meet basic academic requirements in math and reading
- Register with the state regulatory authority

Program Details:
- Vary by training area/must check with admissions advisor, however all are in-person

Credential Earned:
- As a Job Corps student, you will have the opportunity to earn credentials in your training area that may lead to greater employment opportunities, higher wages, and promotions.

Program Cost:
- No cost but must be income eligible

Financial Aid Accepted:
- Income eligibility

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